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NeedleFreeAcupuncture clinic of Oriental Medicine
"Life is to come to understand how weak I am and how mighty God is."

                                         Inki Kim is a board certified (CTCMA, NCCAOM) and Registered Acupuncturist in B.C., Canada and State of 
                                         Virginia, U.S.A.. He is the founder of NFA clinic of Oriental Medicine. Since beginning his practice, many people suffering 
                                         from chronic illness and pain have found help and relief through safe and effective natural medicine. He earned his 
                                         Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, after completing Masters and 
                                         Bachelors degree in Engineering at Hanyang University in Seoul and dedicating his life to research and development of 
                                         polymer for medical application integrating Western science with Oriental Medicine for several years leading to seven 
                                         patents awarded. During his journey to the Oriental Medicine, he could have a chance to follow Grandmaster Hyunkyu 
                                         Choi as an apprentice for a few years, who is the founder of Myeongmun Research Group of Korean Medicine. While 
                                         most of the practitioners in Oriental Medicine have been focusing on Chinese philosophy, Inki could find the key clue 
                                         in the bible. Upon completing apprenticeship with Grandmaster Choi at 2005 in Korea, Inki learned of the practice 
                                         of acupuncture and herbs with hands-on training from him. This opened the door to choosing a path that better reflected 
                                         his philosophy about healing and acceptable practices in medicine. Inki is currently researching magnetic acupuncture as a complementary tool to enhance the effectiveness of traditional acupuncture therapy not only for the pain management but also for internal problems including digestive imbalance, allergies, atopic dermatitis, sinusitis, rhinitis and gynecological problems. 

Inki Kim is forthright, focused and purposeful. He is currently practicing in Surrey, B.C.
If you are ready to take control of your health once and for all, then call our clinic today at 778-899-6100 in Surrey or at 703-865-7582 in Fairfax so we can discuss your healthcare needs and set up your initial appointment.
Blessings from our patients!
778.899.6100, Surrey, B.C.
703.865.7582, Fairfax, Virginia
424.329.3009, Torrance, California
                                                               Chan Young lee is a board certified (California) and Licensed Acupuncturist in California, U.S.A.. 
                                                               He graduated from South Baylor University in L.A. earning Master's degree in Oriental Medicine after 
                                                               completing Bachelors degree in Polymer Science in Inha University in Korea. 
                                                               He is currently practicing in Torrance, California

Blessings from our patients!
                                      Grandmaster Hyunkyu Choi is a board certified (NCCAOM) and Licensed Acupuncturist in State of Virginia,
                                      U.S.A.. He is the founder of Myeongmun Research Group of Korean Medicine. He graduated from Liaoning provincial 
                                      International Training Center of Traditional Therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He grew up in a family of Christianity 
                                      and remember his father helping patients recover from all different aspects of diseases. This is where the seed was 
                                      planted which would grow into something. He was also encouraged to learn traditional martial art of Korea-Taekwondo, 
                                      Hapkido at Yongin University in Korea leading to obtaining title of Grandmaster. He has been teaching his medical theory 
                                      and treatment skills to his apprentice focusing on pulse differentiation and manipulation of traditional acupuncture and 
                                      magnetic acupuncture, which is called 'needle free acupuncture'. Grandmaster Choi had served as a faculty member at 
                                      Korea Military Academy for over 10 years teaching Hapkido and acupuncture. He was awarded a certificate of excellence 
                                      in sports leadership by President of United States of America in 1997 and 2007. Now, after thirty years of clinical and 
                                      martial experience, he has incorporated the training of a generation and developed a unique understanding of his own. His special interests include not only pain relief but also internal medicine with an emphasis on atopic dermatitis, allergies, sinusitis, diabetes, hypertension, cancer care and gynecological disorders. He is currently teaching at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine as a professor and is practicing in Fairfax, Virginia.
Blessings from our patients!