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Blessings from our patients
Allergies/hormonal imbalance/physical injuries

Dr Kim has a holistic approach to his treatment. He has treated us for our symptoms while at the same time treating our underlying health issues. He has been treating our family for years and has helped us with a range of health related issues from allergies, to hormonal imbalance, to physical injuries. And because he treats with the option of needle-free acupuncture, we could even take my daughter for treatment when she was just a young child. Dr Kim is very reasonably priced and our family highly recommends him!

- Nigel C., Langley, B.C. 

Sinusitis and Stomach Pain

It was an eye opening experience. I thought I was living in another world. How could this be possible? I met master Choi and Kim through my wife whose been introduced by one of the colleague at the church because of my constant pain in my stomach. I had a bloat and pain in my stomach for nearly 10 years. After first treatment, my allergy had gotten better noticeably and I was able to finish a dish completely without feeling bloat. My stuffy nose was completely gone after the 4th treatment. My stomach is feeling and getting better each day. I had to have my parents see them. Again after first treatment, one of my dad's shoulder, was stiff through many hard works his done, was feeling much relaxed. My older sister daughter, my niece, who is six year-old now, had a problem going to bathroom at night and had to wear a diaper when she goes to school. After a treatment, my sister told me her daughter would wake up at night to go to the bathroom. My nephew, who is 4 now, had a problem sleeping at night. He wakes himself up because of his own snoring ...Gone after a couple of treatment. I am living in an another world now? But...I am glad I am. Thank you! Master Choi and Kim.

- Wansu L., Fairfax, Virginia


In year 2000, when I lost conscious, I found out that I had a hepatitis A and later hepatitis B. I came to the State about a year ago from Brazil to further my education for profession. I met master Choi and Kim in April and received 7 treatment and took a herbal formula developed by master Choi for about 3 months. I made an appointment with the doctor for the check up. They drew the blood sample and whatever the process they needed to perform for the check up. A week later or two, went to see the result. No trace of hepatitis were found.....Doctor looked with confusion and asked me if I really had a hepatitis A and B. I responded, "according to Brazilian physician." I am completely healed now. I just want to say thank you again, Master Choi and Kim. Your prayer and your God given gift has given me a new health.

- David J. Y., Fairfax, Virginia


Wow! I feel I have enough energy to do things! I haven't had this feeling for so long..my body doesn't feel heavy! Awesome and amazing! I'm so happy. Thank you sooooo much!

- Y. Yang, Coquitlam, B.C.  

Tourette's Syndrome

My son was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome in July’08.  Countless of hours were spent researching from website to website. Through many tears and worries, lots of questions were asked and very little answers. The thought of what “ifs”, kept me awake many of nights. The tics came strong and often.  After confirmation with his symptoms, I was firm on not medicating him. From then on, all my research turned to alternate healing and learning about the foods & colors we eat on a daily basis.
We tried many different therapies.  Which brings us to here…We first went to Inki Kim in late September as my son hurt his knee badly. Inki noticed Ben’s tics and he asked us a couple of questions. I told him as much as I could and said there isn’t much you could do about it. He has his ups and downs and when his tics are strong, nothing would work on him. As it did with all other therapies, it work for a while and then back to his normal.  Plus Ben tried acupuncture before.
Inki explained the theories as to why the body organs function that way and he had experience with treating Tourette. He asked if I could give him 20 sessions with Ben.  Needless to say, I did and it’s one of my best decisions. Andy is different, very caring with a true sincerity. At each session, Ben’s treatment will depend on what his pulses are on that day. My son’s tics are hardly noticeable now. People asked what was done to Ben, Ben doesn’t have Tourrette no more, is it cure???? As we all know, Tourette doesn’t get cured.  His high tic days now were his low days before. We still go to Andy every week. On his growing weeks, as I called them, as they will be higher than usual, we go twice a week. Socially as my son is 13, he has benefitted from not getting all the looks, comments, and questions about his tics. As a mother of a son with Tourette, I wish you all in strength and love. 

- C. Giesbrecht, Aldergrove, B.C.

Atopic Dermatitis

I am 20 years old, a university student. Irregular meals with too much of instant food and excessive stress weakened my immune system, which eventually caused atopic eczema. I had chances to see many dermotologists, but they suggested and prescribed steroid ointment. The strong ointment worked, but when treatment was stopped, the symptom returned even in worse conditions. Very noticeable itch rashes all over my body, especially on face and upper body caused lack of concentration for studying and more stress. Due to these pain and embarrassment, I wasn't able to continue my school life and decided to take a break. In the middle of depression period that I had given up all my hope of returning to normal life, I had an opportunity to meet Inki Kim. After a careful observation of my conditions, he began the acupuncture treatment. Taking my pulses every time I saw him, he kept taking records of my changes. After a few months of the treatment, eczema outbreak began to disappear from the lower part of my body. The itchy and dry feeling that kept me from good sleep every night was gone and rashes were finally clear and back to normal. After six months of treatment, I'm happily back studying at university! I want to thank Inki Kim once again for great treatment and teaching me a faith in healing.

- Y. Ahn, Langley, B.C.


Dr. Kim has effectively helped several friends of mine for post-accident
problems, depression, insomnia and various pains. Since then I have taken his treatment for my problems and I am very grateful to him for the results! Highly recommended.

- M. Gronowski, Coquitlam, B.C.​
778.899.6100, Surrey, B.C.
703.865.7582, Fairfax, Virginia
424.329.3009, Torrance, California